Organization documents, tech stack, operational resources, and FAQ.

The Space is an education-focused organization and social hub, dedicated to transparency, integrity, and member advocacy. Rooted in bitcoin and the open-source movement, we value freedom and working publicly. These principles guide our responsible treasury management, organizational operations, and sustainability. See the documentation below for more detail.

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Building The Space

How'd we do it?


What is The Space?

The Space is a bitcoin citadel and social hub, focused on education, collaboration, and community building.

Where is The Space?

Our physical location is not yet open. We're moving forward with a real estate opportunity - targeting a Fall 2024 launch. In the mean time, we are accepting Founding Members to help create The Space.

Why should I become a Founding Member?

The Space is member run, and we had to start somewhere. Founding Member support is critical to bring The Space to life. Your pre-dues help us build our treasury, aquire infrastructure, expand real estate options, and illustrate the value propostion to potential sponsors.

Do I need to be a member to physically access The Space?

Yes. Only members will get full time access to our physical location. Some free and ticketed events are open to the public.

What kinds of events and presentations will you have?

Education is a core pillar of our mission. The Space will host events ranging from novice friendly to in-the-weeds deep dives.

How can I become a member?

You can apply for membership by filling out the contact us form. We'll follow up to get you onboarded!

How many members are there?

We have over 30 incredible Founding Members. As currently defined in our By-Laws, The Space is limited to a maximum of 210 members.

Where does my money go?

All membership dues, donations, sponsors, ticketed events and other revenue streams are used to service our operational costs or reinvested into The Space. Our board of directors take no compensation.

How can I support The Space?

You can support The Space by becoming a member, attending our events, making donations or sponsoring to further our initiatives.

What about alt-coins?

We're a bitcoin only organization. No distractions.