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Bitcoin Citadel

The Space is a member-run and operated bitcoin community.
We're focused on building the premier place to collaborate, educate, socialize and accelerate freedom through bitcoin adoption.

Founded Block 836,738.

A Community Hub - Built by and for Bitcoiners

What do you do in The Space?

Working Space

Our member-accessed facility will offer flexible and private workspaces with a welcoming community of bitcoiners to build and collaborate with.

Events and Education

We host a variety of bitcoin and freedom focused events, from educational presentations and happy hour social gatherings to weekend workshops.


At The Space, you'll find a content studio, lounge, workshop, conference rooms and kitchen, with shared and dedicated desk space. Perfect for working and socializing.

Extensive Resources

Surround yourself with the brightest bitcoin tech minds in the West. Chances are, we know the expert you're looking for.


Socialize, network, co-work and build meaningful real-life relationships with the best in The Space.

Simple Membership

A single, baseline membership fee makes for transparent, fair access to all. Extra services are available for additional fees.

Supported by bitcoin organizations. Help us spread the word.

Upcoming Events

See what public and private events are happening next.

Join the Movement

Become a community member. Enjoy benefits.

Support our Community

Sponsorship and donations help support the mission.